About the Artist

About the Artist

Born in Bogota, Colombia; Patricia Jaramillo started capturing breathtaking images from the surrounding world since the early years of her life. As a way to share this resourceful sensitivity, she has cultivated her love for art and devoted many years to perfection it.

Relying on her creativity and imagination, she proceeded to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising, with a minor in Graphic Design. Upon graduation, she migrated to the United States, where she currently lives, and pursue Post-Graduate courses and specialization in Commercial TV Production and Computerized Graphic Designs.

She started taking professional oil Art classes at “Taller Maher” for several years and moved on to “Romero Hidalgo Art Studios”, where she is still currently attending.

Her art reflects a simple and warm expression from everyday life. Her work is composed of earthly and bright colors, using special texture and density, but at the same time highly sensible.

Prior to beginning her work of art, she prepares her canvas with a background of warm and cold tones.
Afterward, she begins her work of art by incorporating the strength and expression from the spatula with the acuteness and sharpness of the paintbrush.

She has participated in various expositions throughout the United States, Latin America, Canada, and the Caribbean.

Private Collections

Bogota, Cartagena, El Salvador, New York, Miami, Mexico, Boca Raton, West Palm beach, Guatemala, Santo Domingo, Quebec.

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